The Science

The EarliPoint™ Evaluation for autism has been studied in over 1,500 children demonstrating both safety and effectiveness along with the ability to correctly identify 4 out of 5 young children with autism.  

Two studies recently published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), demonstrate that the ability to quantifying moment-by-moment looking behavior is an effective biomarker to objectively determine the presence or absence of autism and measure the individual child’s level of functioning on the three core domains of autism – social disability, verbal ability and non verbal learning. The pivotal trial’s main findings were published in JAMA (“Eye-Tracking-Based Measurement of Social Visual Engagement Compared with Expert Clinical Diagnosis of Autism”), while feasibility trial results were published simultaneously in JAMA Network Open (“Development and Replication of Objective Measurements of Social Visual Engagement to Aid in Early Diagnosis and Assessment of Autism”).

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